The 80’s made history during World War II. They took part in the battle from the first to the last day of the bloody conflict. Books have been written, articles about these planes and their pilots – our heroes – which we must look at with so much respect.

In this section we intend to present articles having as main topic the technical aspects of the IAR 80 aircraft: design, manufacture, equipment variants, performance, etc.

In the few articles written on this subject there is a lot of information that has caused confusion.

The main reason is in fact the lack of a complete documentation fund on IAR 80.

As the Sky Legend team started this project trying to gather as much technical data as possible from the ’80s, in addition to making a flying specimen, it set out to clarify the technical aspects of its history.

Topics preferred by many commentators, who have not had access to verified sources or who see only the sensational, have become true urban legends without any real basis, such as:

  • there is an original copy at a museum in Turkey, for which a fabulous sum is demanded from the Romanian state;
  • a plane crashed in the Black Sea near the Crimea;
  • the wing was designed in terms of geometry as a 1: 2 scale copy of the wings of the Savoia Marchetti SM-79b;
  • in a ranking of fighter jets it was ranked 4th in the world in 1939 and ranked tenth in 1943;
  • it was manufactured “on its knees”, tinkering with assemblies from several planes, the Romanian designers having a minimal role;
  • it was underpowered, with an engine of too little power;
  • the engine consumes a lot of oil;
  • it was difficult to fly, especially on landing;

and the list is long … We will strive to “disassemble” these stories step by step, bringing verified arguments.

Our articles aim to present a more objective image of this aircraft, unbiased and based on clear and logical information.

All articles are written by members or collaborators of the Sky Legend Association.

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