3. What are the goals of the Sky Legend Association?


THE ASSOCIATION aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Establishment of a documentation fund containing data and information related to the IAR 80 aircraft or other historical aircraft, such as: construction documentation, manuals, books, drawings, photographs, films, etc .;
  • Realization of the execution documentation of the replica plane and of the afferent manufacturing preparation, by design by the members of the association and by collaboration with third parties;
  • Realization in collaboration with specialized companies of the IAR 80R aircraft;
  • Aircraft registration, operation and participation in in-flight demonstrations;
  • Informing the general public in the country and abroad, through specific means on national and universal aeronautical developments, achievements and news;
  • Informing and attracting, through various means, the general public to participate in aeronautical events (rallies, air demonstrations, sports competitions with aeronautical specifics, etc.), organized in the country and abroad by various public or private institutions;
  • Initiating and maintaining collaborations with representatives of companies, schools, high schools, colleges and higher education institutions, in order to stimulate young people to practice aeronautical professions;
  • Supporting museums or aeronautical departments for the identification, collection and donation of specific materials, for the opening of exhibitions;
  • Supporting creators in the field of fiction and fine arts to create works of art with topics inspired by aeronautical activities;
  • Collaboration with associations, foundations, institutions and bodies from the country and abroad for the exchange of information in aeronautics, knowledge of developments in research, production, manufacturing and flight in the country and in the world;
  • Active participation in aeronautical events (aerial rallies, commemorations, unveiling of monuments, knowledge of aviation events and heroes, as well as personalities in the field of aeronautics);
  • Promoting the activity of the association and its members in the media;