IAR80 Simulator

For those who want to try “a flight” with IAR 80 in the Flightgear simulator, we have further presented a set of instructions for installing and using the program.

Install Flightgear and the IAR 80 simulator on your computer. After installation it works without internet connection.

Installation instructions

Try to familiarize yourself with the layout of the cabin.

IAR 80 Cockpit

Try to learn the procedures in the flight manual.

Flying manual for IAR 80 – Flightgear simulator

Use the specific keys to operate the aircraft.

Simulator Keys Chart

În plus, puteți viziona câteva tutoriale din alt simulator, care explică diverse aspecte teoretice ale pilotajului pentru avioane din această categIn addition, you can watch some tutorials from another simulator, which explain various theoretical aspects of piloting aircraft in this category.orie.

Engine comands tutorials

Acrobatics tutoriala

Combat maneuvers tutorial


The Flightgear IAR 80 simulator is recommended for familiarization with the aircraft and the cabin configuration, the use of the main controls, as well as the procedures for starting, taking off, landing …

It was made in 2010 by our colleague Emilian Huminiuc.

In the meantime, Flightgear has made several upgrades.
As adapting the software version of the IAR 80 aircraft would require special effort and given that Flightgear has some limitations, Emilian focused on developing the IAR 80 version for the X-Plane simulator, a much improved version, which we hope to present.

For these reasons, we hope you understand that the FG IAR 80 simulator has some small deviations from the original, but it is very useful for accommodating with the “flight” in an IAR 80.

Thank you and we are at your disposal with any information.

We hope you fly better than the pilot in the next clip.