18. Sponsorizare – Licență ALR – Arbeitsgruppe fuer Luft-und Raumfahrt

Am obținut, din partea Aerospace Project Development Group – ALR din Elveția, acordarea licenței gratuite pentru  Aircraft Performances Program software.

APP features three major modules: The Aircraft module – contains aircraft model information. The Mission Computation module – performs mission calculations. The Performance Charts module – performs point-performance calculations, including takeoff and landing.

APP provides you with a multitude of flight segments that allow you to define specific mission analyses. It enables both, a very fast and easy “first shot” solution up to very detailed missions for complex analyses! A selection of available segments includes: Available Flight segments

  • Acceleration
  • Climb; Climb at Best Angle; Climb at Best Rate; Climb at CAS; Climb at EAS; Climb at Constant Mach
  • Cruise; Cruise at Best SR; Cruise at Mach; Cruise at Optimum Altitude and Mach
  • Deceleration
  • Descent, Descent at No Credit (at best FF or best SR), Descent at CAS, Descent at EAS, Descent at Mach
  • Energy Exchange
  • Ground Operation
  • Landing Roll
  • Loiter & Loiter at Best FF
  • Maneuver at Constant or Maximum Load Factor
  • Refuel
  • Reset Altitude or Reset Mach
  • Store Drop
  • Take-off

The mission module includes a set of fast optimizers to help you refine your analyses. Using the mission-optimizers, APP users are able to define segments that shall be maximized along with inputs on required reserves. Available optimizations are:

  • Range Optimization
  • Endurance Optimization
  • Radius of Action optimization

APP features a multitude of standard performance charts for aircraft point performance analysis. Furthermore a comparison feature for different results is readily available. Available Pre-defined point performance-analysis charts are highly customizable, they include:

  • SEP-Envelopes
  • G-Envelopes
  • Turn-Rate Charts (constant SEP) / Energy-Maneuverability Charts
  • Turn-Rate Charts (constant Altitude)
  • SEP vs. Altitude Charts
  • Point Performance Parameter Computation
  • Required Thrust and Drag Chart for Different Load-Factors

APP incorporates a unique 2.5-dimensional method to obtain takeoff- and landing- distances with respect to different certifications and environmental conditions:

  • Takeoff, Rejected Takeoff, Balanced Field Length, Landing
  • Calculations respect military and civil airworthiness regulations: MIL-STD-3013, FAR Part 23 & 25, EASA CS 23 & 25
  • All Engines Operative (AEO) and One Engine Inoperative (OEI) calculations
  • Respecting runway dimensions as: Runway Length, Runway Altitude, Runway Slope
  • Different runway conditions are available: Dry, Wet, Snow, Ice
  • Calculations possible with or without afterburner


Le mulțumim pentru suportul acordat,

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